Worldwide ranking of websites losing revenue due to adblockers

Adback Rank Alexa Rank Annual Losses
Adback Rank Alexa Rank Country Annual Losses
AdBack’s ranking of the top 100 websites out of 1 million websites losing the most revenue due to adbockers. Find the methodology we used here.
If you can’t find the website you’re looking for in the top 100 list, enter it in the search bar. If it’s not in the study, submit your website and we’ll add it.
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We used the list of the top million websites based on the audiences provided by Alexa. How we calculated the estimated revenue loss:

(Number of blocked elements) x ($0.42 CPM) x (adblocker rate of the country) x (page views) x 12

The website you're looking for isn't in the ranking? Two possible reasons:
  • The website isn't in the top million list of Alexa, so we didn't analyze it. You can submit it and we'll include it to the study
  • The website's business model is not based on advertising or is based on an hybrid model which can't be compared to the other websites


  • Number of blocked elements: AdBack
    We count the number of elements loaded on a webpage with and without an adblocker to deduce the number of blocked elements.
  • CPM of 0,42: AppNexus
    AppNexus communicated its average CPM in an internal study published in 2015.
  • Adblocker rate of the country: PageFair
    The average adblocker rate per country was published in the PageFair 2017 Adblock Report.
  • Page views: Alexa
    The estimated page views numbers are based on the data provided by Alexa.